Social Search by Google

Just saw my first “social search” result from Google.   Wow, pretty cool.

Very nicely done.  When I click on my social circle it gives me a nice transparent look at exactly what is going on here

Since I don’t really use google chat and have never consciously curated my chat list, it is mainly just a list of people who are also gmail users with whom I have exchanged email from my gmail account.  I think I disabled my Google Buzz profile a few months back (ie my twitter account is not tied in because I opted out) or else I would have a lot more connections.  Mark Suster maybe this sort of answers your question about Google Buzz??

There is a lot more information available to me about my social circle, including all of the source data that Google is indexing for me broken down by contact.

I was a guest speaker last week at Andres Terech’s two MBA-level Marketing Strategy classes at UCLA Anderson GSM.  The main subject of the discussion was internet privacy as it relates to marketing strategy.  I left both classes with the advice to strongly consider starting a personal blog and make sure they maintain an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, mainly as a way to curate the information that is associated with you on the internet.  The idea is that when you are going on a job interview or even to a business meeting, its likely that the people you are meeting will do a Google search on you, and you want to be controlling what is on the first page.  This advice is even more important in light of this feature….

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  • msuster

    Great advice to all young people. Take control of your online presence by having a blog (even if simple) and keeping your basic online information updated. There is nothing you will do in business in the near future where people won't Google you or search for your details in LinkedIn. Being the top of the search results for your own personal information is the best way to ensure that nobody else is controlling that message.

  • steveray