The Replacements Live

Sometimes art and music makes you scratch your head   I didn’t think I much liked The Replacements all this time.  I even went to college in the midwest while they were still together in the late eighties and had lots of friends from the Twin Cities.  I bought their studio greatest hits compilation a bunch of years back and listened to it a few times and basically thought it was unremarkable.

Then last week I pulled a DownThemAll from Aquarium Drunkard straight to a playlist on my ipod for a flight to Denver last week. (Highly recommended quick iPod refresh technique – we can call it Raymonating your iPod).  Luckily for me it included the entire Shit, Shower and Shave compilation, which is a “long-traded compilation” from some live 1989 shows opening for Petty (which wikipedia calls a disastrous tour for an unknown reason).

Holy shit shower and shave, I’m a huge fan!  Sort of a Springsteen everyman point of view (switch out Asbury Park for Sheboygan) with a Waits gift for turning a great metaphor, combined with a Drive-By Truckers brawling drunken coming straight at you live personality and a Ramones intensity.  I can’t get enough of it.  How did I miss these guys for so long?

Chalk up another victory for the mp3blog era – I will definitely be rounding out my collection from some timely reissues of their studio stuff – a positive activity music economy-wise the lousy label greatest hits compilation didn’t trigger 10 years ago.  But I’m preaching at the choir.

I’m not going to bother to rehost the tracks, head over to the AD if you want to check them out.